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[Joell Ortiz]
Get down! {“Heatmakerz”}
Yeah, uhh

Wave at me baby, I’m wavy
White tee and the Yankee is Navy
JOE-L-L, yeah I’m jigglin baby
Pickin up ladies in that cinnamon ‘cedes
A1 flow, I’m out here gettin this gravy
Stake/Steak out my crib, turn you into filet mign-
-on, cabrn, I be liftin this eighty
I, turn your selfie to a pic in the Daily
News, you know the rules lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Joell Ortiz - Get Down lyrics download mp3 boy, my city is crazy
Empire State with the Liberty Lady
The Towers dropped but them Twins still around
Twin Glock forty-orties and twin four-pounds
Who wanna dance? I’ll spin you around
Lean you back and kiss you goodbye with a round

[Chorus: Joell Ortiz]
Uhh, now shorty how that sound?
I know you’re from outta town ’round here, that’s how we get down
You’re in the city that shoot
Beside these bitches nothin really that cute
We get down, we don’t play at the park
One band, two band, shakin the spot
We get down, ain’t nothin bummy ’round here
Girlfriend we gettin money ’round here
That’s just how we get down, ain’t nothin funny ’round here
Girlfriend, a lot of money ’round here
This is how we get down

[Joell Ortiz]
Anywhere I’m at it’s the turn up (turn up)
They screamin “Turn chords Joell Ortiz - Get Down lyrics lyrics down,” I’m yellin “For what?” (for what)
Wintertime turn the collar of my fur up
Summertime top down flippin birds up
Tryin to tell these niggaz now I’m stuntin on ’em, word up
Fuck it, I’m that nigga when it come to fuckin words up
Move without security and post on any curb, yup
Try to bust a move and watch the eagle lift a bird up
Any night I want I lift a bird up
Break her off crazy, have her cord kord chord Joell Ortiz - Get Down lyrics kunci gitar shakin like her nerves suck
Look at her in the corner all curled up (curled up)
Gave her the anaconda, now it’s curled up
Pimp juice, I should be Jheri curled up
Drippin from all this game that I’m kickin like the World Cup


[Joell Ortiz]
It’s a whole lot of money ’round here
Babe girl, we all gully ’round here (’round here, ’round here)
I don’t know how they got it down there
But trust me we get it poppin ’round here (’round here, yeah)
Pop up, pop bottles and pop y’all ladies
Nah I don’t pop molly cause I’ll get crazy
I pop, they pop, them nines pop baby
Pop off, nah pops, for real we don’t play, POP!
I get it live so easy
Knahmean? Don’t do this for TV but you see me (Yaowa)
Make these bitches do the Houdini
Have ’em reappear in the Fijis in bikinis
You mad? You got it +Bad Boy+, face facts
Do it +Big+, take a nice +Puff+ and tell her “Take that” (take that)


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